Supreme Daddy Bundle

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This is the holiday to show Dad that he's Number One. He's the Boss Hog, the Big Man, the Supreme Daddy. And socks and underwear just don't cut it for the Big Guy. Your Supreme Daddy deserves the best gourmet meal he could hope for, and this gift delivers just that. With two packs of dry cured hickory smoked bacon and one package of jalapeno bratwurst, Dad will have plenty of meat to keep the carnivore in him satisfied. But that's not all dear old Dad will get! He'll also receive our Maple Bacon Coffee, Maple Pancake Mix and Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning. With all of these extras the Supreme Daddy will have everything he needs to create quite the feast!

This Bundle Includes:

•2 packs of Boss Hog Hickory-Smoked Bacon 14 oz. each

•1 pack Jalapeno Bratwurst 1 lb.

•Boss Hog Maple Bacon Pancake Mix 12 oz.

•Boss Hog Maple Bacon Coffee 8 oz.

•Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning 2.5 oz.