Bacon Seasonings, Food & Drink

What do seasoning, chocolate and olive oil have in common? They all taste great when flavored with bacon. We have a unique selection of bacon flavored foods and seasonings dedicated to bacon.  These additions, take your favorite recipe, standard burger or salad and make them stars of the meal. Try using the bacon flavored olive oil the next time you make salad dressing, or use it in dressing a warm potato salad, and add some bacon bits on top because there's no such thing as too much bacon! Our seasonings pump up the taste volume on lots of recipes or use our bacon flavored foods and condiments to enhance the flavor of just about anything.

From the weird to the wonderful, you can find novelty drinks and food right here.  Ever tasted Maple Bacon Coffee?  You may have tried Boston Baked Beans, but have you had Bacon Beans, akin to the jelly bean?  I thought not.  And you might not want to, but you may know someone who is an avid fan of Bacon and these novelties would be a fun gift. On the wonderful side check out our Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips rocking both the sweet and salty flavors of the beloved chocolate and pork belly.  You'll also find in this section great pancake mixes, bacon candy, bacon olive oil, and other bacon products.