Bacon Wonderland Bundle

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Tired of turkey? Yeah, we definitely are. We want bacon! We would cover ourselves with bacon if it was more hygienic and not a waste of tasty bacon. But instead, we'll settle on a Bacon Wonderland. What's that, you say? You would like a Bacon Wonderland too? We thought you would, so we've created a bundle just for you called the "Bacon Wonderland Bundle."
This bundle contains 3 packages of our gourmet bacon (14-16 oz each). You can also sip on a Maple Bacon cup of Joe while you have your Bacon Candy Canes and Chocolate covered bacon strips. Ooh, now you know it's a Bacon Wonderland because we've added chocolate to the mix. "A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a Bacon Wonderland..." We know you're dreaming of walking in a Bacon Wonderland. Well, stop dreaming and buy it!


This bundle includes:

•3 Packages of Gourmet Bacon (14-16 oz each)
•Maple Bacon Coffee 8oz.
•Your Choice of Milk or Dark Chocolate covered bacon strips 3 oz.

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