Sweet on Bacon Bundle

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This bundle is for Bacon Lovers that like it sweet and savory.  You'll get to try 3 dry cured bacon varieties, thick-cut and meaty.  Three pounds of Bacon for people that enjoy a bit of sweet with their porcine perfection.  We even added a bit of heat with the maple pepper bacon.  These babies are best prepared in the oven since the rubs contain sugar and tend to burn in the skillet, although it can be done (low and slow).  Great for breakfast and particularly good in dessert recipes.  Treat a loved one or yourself with this scrumptious bundle.


  • Maple Pepper Smoked Bacon  16 oz.
  • Honey BBQ Bacon 16 oz.
  • Fall Spice Bacon 16 oz.


Three 1 pound packages carry the USDA seal.

Gluten and Allergan Free