Bacon Bundles

  • Baconfreak Hickory Smoked Bacon Three-peat

    A special offer on this awesome Hickory smoked bacon. Get ready for thick sliced bacon delivery - this meat is cured and smoked over smoldering hickory wood for hours to create a classic flavor that is bacony good! Yes indeed, "bacony" is an...

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  • Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Bacon, Boss Hog fully cooked Bacon bits, Boss Hog Maple Pancake mix, Bacon Hot Sauce, Bacon is Meat Candy logo t-shirt

    "Fall Into Bacon" Bundle

    Remember mom saying "You can't eat CANDY for breakfast!"? Think again, Mom, because we have Meat Candy! Really, the best of all candy in our humble opinion. This bundle includes delicious, dry cured, hickory smoked Meat Candy at that folks! Our Boss...

    $86.90 $59.99
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  • 12 pack Bacon Combo

    12 Pack Bacon Combo

    It's the ultimate bacon combo pack! We chose 12 of our best packages of bacon from our selection of artisan producers and ship them to your door. The 12 packages of bacon come in many different flavors and are the perfect sampler if you can't decide on...

    $159.99 $149.99
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  • Bacon Freak's 4 bacon flavor combo bundle

    4 Pack Bacon Combo

    We happen to believe that four packs of bacon are better than just one. And four different kinds of bacon are definitely better than two. Come to think of it, we just believe that more bacon is better! And this Four Pack Bacon Combo says it all! With...

    $67.99 $49.99
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  • Six pack bundle of dry cured bacon

    6 Pack Dry Cured Bacon Combo

    Who wants 6 different packs of gourmet bacon delivered to their door? Um, you do of course! Some dry cured bacon does not require refrigeration for up to 60 days, but we ask you to refrigerate them upon arrival until you are ready to gobble it...

    $99.99 $78.99
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  • Achin' for Bacon Bundle

    Sometimes you just have this ache deep within you. And after lots of contemplation, you realize that you're achin'... for some bacon! But you don't want just any kind of bacon. You want the best! You want three delicious, premium select packages of...

    $90.20 $64.99
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  • Bacon & Ham 4 Pack Combo

    We choose 2 of our best packages of Bacon and 2 packages of Ham Slices from our selection of artisan producers and ship them to your door. Perfect for the pork lover who loves ham almost as much as they love bacon! Start the day with a hearty and...

    $59.99 $49.99
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  • Bacon & Sausage 4 Pack Combo

    Bacon & Sausage 4 Pack Combo

    You love the traditional, smoky-hickory flavors of bacon and sausage. But you also have an adventurous side! You enjoy exploring unique flavor profiles. You vacation in obscure locales. You drink pumpkin beer. Okay, maybe you draw the line at pumpkin...

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  • Bacon Freak Breakfast Blowout

    This breakfast blowout has everything you need for a delicious breakfast including artisanal hickory smoked bacon, Boss Hog maple bacon coffee, Bac'n premium maple pancake mix (just add water!) and a pack of Boss Hog's true bacon bits to pork up the...

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  • Bacon Lovers Breakfast Bundle Items

    Bacon Lovers Breakfast Bundle

    This is the perfect gift bundle for the breakfast lover. This breakfast gift box has everything you need for a complete bacony bacolicious meal! Our breakfast bundle includes the following items: Boss Hog's Hickory-Smoked Bacon Boss Hog's Bacon...

    $43.95 $39.99
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  • Boss Hog Sampler Gift Bundle Deluxe

    Boss Hog Sampler Gift Bundle - Deluxe

    This Gift Box is for the man who loves bacon. You get 2 packs of the very best Bacon Freak Bacon! You also get 1 bag of Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Pancake Mix, 1 pack of Boss Hog's Fully Cooked Bacon Bits, and Boss Hog's Bacon Seasoning to make everything...

    $69.99 $54.99
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