Spicy Bacon Bundle

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This bacon bundle delivers four different spicy flavors of bacon. Chipotle, Voodoo Blackened and Sriracha Honey along with Peppered Beef, turn up the heat and bring great flavor. These bacon flavors do not disappoint, each with a unique seasoned taste of their own. Thick cut and meaty wet cured bacon for any meal.  You'll even get a chance to try our delicious beef bacon.  This bacon is very similar to brisket and a perfect complement to pork bacon when you're getting ready for a breakfast feast.

This bundle includes:

Voodoo Swine Blackened Bacon 16 oz.

Coastal Caliente Chipotle Bacon 16 oz.

Coastal Caliente Sriracha Honey Bacon 16 oz.

Mountain Smokehouse Peppered Beef Bacon 8 oz.


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