Bacon & Sausage 6 Pack Combo

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Bacon or Sausage? Sausage or Bacon?? Sometimes it's a real conundrum, but with this combo pack, it doesn't have to be! This is the ultimate 6-pack for the ultimate meat lover who wants the best of both worlds. For those who live by the motto "Sausage AND Bacon!" this bundle is for you. You'll find our best-selling products in this sampler. For the Pork Purist who demands the best, this sampler includes 1 package of the following sausages: Sausage Freak Pork Garlic Sausage, Boss Hog Breakfast Sausage patties with Bacon, and Coastal Caliente Chorizo Sausage. It also includes 1 package of the following bacon: Bacon Freak Firecracker Chili Bacon, Bacon Freak Everything Bacon, and Orville's Apple Pie Smoked Bacon.  In addition, you'll get to decide if your favorite Bacon is dry cured or wet cured.  Firecracker Chili is dry cured, Everything and Orville's Apple Pie are wet cured.