6 Pack Dry Cured Bacon Combo NEW FLAVORS

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Who wants 6 different packs of gourmet bacon delivered to their door? Um, you do of course! This 6 pack combo will give you an introduction to the many flavors that turbocharge the wonderful taste of bacon. Dry cured bacon is more concentrated (no added water) than mass produced bacon and also a bit saltier. This combo includes Signature Smoked, Brown Sugar Bourbon Smoked, Maple Pepper Smoked, Coffee Cocoa Smoked, Cajun Smoked and Nashville Hot Smoked bacons.  All the varieties are smoked with a combination of apple wood, pecan wood and coffee beans for a rich flavor.  All the flavor ingredients are added during the cure for 7-10 days to allow the flavors to soak into the belly.  Our new dry cure process leaves a bit more moisture in the belly than before and has a less salty taste.

Each package 16 oz. for a Whopping 96 oz. of Delicious Dry Cured Bacon.  14% more bacon than before.



All packages carry the USDA seal.

Gluten and Allergen Free