Bacon Freak 3 Pack Dry Cured Bacon Sampler NEW FLAVORS

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between our exceptional dry-cured bacon and the soggy mass- produced bacon at your nearest supermarket? With this 3 Pack Dry-cured Bacon Sampler gift, you'll get 3 different gourmet bacons that are dry-cured, the old-fashioned way. The dry-cure process is how folks use to enjoy bacon before refrigeration. You will receive Signature Smoked, a traditional favorite smoked with a combination of apple wood, pecan wood and coffee beans for a rich flavor.  Also included are Brown Sugar Bourbon and Maple Pepper Smoked to give you a nice sampling of the classic flavors that enhance the taste of bacon.  Dry cured bacon offers a more concentrated flavor and firmer texture.  Our new dry cure process leaves a bit more moisture in the belly than before and has a less salty taste.  This gourmet bacon bundle makes a great bacon gift for the bacon lover, or yourself.

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Bundle contains 3 - 16 oz. packages   14% more bacon than before.


All packages carry the USDA seal.


Gluten and Allergen Free