Bacon Freak No Nitrate Sampler

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This sampler is the perfect choice for the person who loves dry cured bacon but doesn't want the added nitrates used in curing most bacon.  The bacon is cured only with salt and sugar and natural ingredients (fruit and spice extracts).

With this bundle you get one 16 oz. package each of our Boss Hog Hickory Smoked No Nitrate Bacon, our Boss Hog Signature Smoked and Boss Hog Signature Smoked Maple Peppered No Nitrate Bacon. The Signature smoke comes from a mixture of applewood, pecanwood and coffee beans for a rich smoky taste.  Same great taste as our regular dry cured bacon, but without the added nitrates and nitrites.  No water is added to this dry cured bacon, therefore it won't shrink or splatter when cooking.  We have modified the cure process and there is a bit more moisture left in the bacon which also offers a slightly less salty flavor.  These varieties are traditional favorites.  Great for breakfast, on sandwiches and great in almost any recipe.


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Each 1 pound package carries the USDA seal.

 Gluten and Allergen Free