Holiday Beast Feast Bundle

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Holiday Beast Feast Bundle
Forget about trying to eat healthy this holiday season. That's what New Year's resolutions are for! The holidays are all about indulging in fun, pigging out on lots of yummy food, giving and receiving gifts, spending too much money, hanging mistletoe over unsuspecting victims... You get the point. So why not indulge in six different kinds of bacon and sprinkle some bacon seasoning over your Aunt Edna's bland casserole with this Beast Feast Bundle? You'll have plenty of bacon for wrapping around the turkey or adding to all your favorite holiday recipes. And hey, if you're sick of pumpkin pie, or your family is on some kind of weird "no dessert" thing, you'll have some maple bacon flavored lollipops and chocolate bacon bars to satisfy your sweet tooth. See, Bacon Freak has you covered for all your holiday needs. No matter if it's a holiday of dread or joy, you won't be disappointed. Our friend, Bacon, is always there to show you a good time. Happy Holidays everyone! This bundle contains:
• Six packs (14-16 oz. each) of our top-selling flavors of bacon
• Boss Hog Bacon Seasoning (2.5 oz.)
• Bacon Flavored Toothpicks
• Two Bacon Strip Lollipops (flavors may vary)
• Vosges Dark & Milk Chocolate Bars (3 oz. each)
• Includes a Bacon Freak™ Gift Box
• Beastly Goodness of Beastly Proportions
*This gift bundle DOES include a free gift box. You do not need to add a gift box at checkout for this gift bundle.