Dad's Bacon Box

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Dad's Bacon Box

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, and BACON! This is a bundle for the Ultimate Bacon Lover. It's for the Dad who loves traditionally smoked bacon almost as much as he loves branching out and exploring the other bacon varieties available in the bacon world. Why have just one flavor or bacon? With all the different flavors of gourmet bacon that Bacon Freak provides, he'll never be limited to just one flavor again! Which variety will become Dad's favorite? We suspect they all will!

This Bundle Includes:

•1 Package Sun-Dried Tomato Bacon

•1 Package Apple Cinnamon Bacon

•1 Package Applewood Smoked Bacon

•1 Package Cajun Bacon

•Bacon Freak Gift Box

*Each package contains 14-16 oz. of bacon.