Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Bacon

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Get ready for Boss Hog's delicious hickory smoked bacon. Our dry-cured bacon will not shrink like wet cured bacon because water isn't added or used in the curing process. We use a time-honored, secret formula and you can certainly tell the difference in taste. Flavorful, thick, and succulent, this bacon is not your average grocery store bacon, which has added water to "pork up" the weight. We don't add water to our bacon, and no water means no splatter. That's why Bacon Freak bacon is the only bacon you can fry naked! And that's why when you cook a pound of our bacon, you get a pound of bacon! Our new dry cure process leaves a bit more moisture in the product which gives it a bit less salty flavor. It's pure bacon awesomeness! Every slice cooks up thick and meaty. Get some hickory smoked bacon!


Each 1 pound package carries the USDA seal.


Gluten and Allergen Free