Boss Hog Bacon Flavored Seasoning 4 PACK SHIPS FREE

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Sometimes you just want everything to taste like bacon: french fries, bread, fruit, tequila... you're not picky about what it is you want to taste like bacon, you just want that scrumptious bacony flavor. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! It can be hard to find bacon flavored ice cream or bacon flavored popcorn whenever, wherever.

But we have your fix of bacon flavoring right here! Boss Hog Bacon Flavored Seasoning is bursting with the delicious flavor of bacon. Sprinkle it over whatever your heart desires... veggies, sushi, Pepto Bismol. We don't discriminate. It's there for you to use it in any way you see fit. You can even put it on bacon! Wow, that's like mixing 2 different kinds of magic together. Make it a bacon meal anytime and buy this stuff! Keep a bottle at the office in case of bland food emergencies. Even vegetarians can join in on the bacon fun. Each bottle contains 2.5 oz. of Bacon Flavored Seasoning. 

This item contains MSG and is not Gluten Free.



Four 2.5 ounce shakers of Boss Hog Bacon Flavored Seasoning