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The extensive Bacon Freak bacon selection includes the classics to the uncommon. Gathered from distinctly different places around the US, think deep south, Eastern mountain range and the good ol’ Midwest, to accumulate distinctly different bacon. Seldom is heard a complaint about the taste of bacon, but here at Bacon Freak we strive for the extraordinary experience with our gourmet bacon delivery.

We offer wet cured, dry cured and uncured bacon. In 2009 over 97% of bacon in the US was injected, also known as pumped, with water during the curing phase. But you won’t find pumped bacon in our assortment. Most of our Bacon Freak bacon is dry-cured, an ancient process often foregone in the modern day of mass production. The dry-cure process takes much longer, often weeks, as compared to minutes to inject/cure, but in our experience a dry-cured bacon results in better flavor and slices of bacon that don’t shrink during cooking.

The next step toward pork belly perfection is smoking the bacon with hardwoods like Maple, Hickory or Applewood. Some of our bacon is also flavored further with hand-rubbed spices after the bacon is smoked. Exotic blends like Caribbean Dream, Chipotle or Beer flavored as well as some more traditional flavor rubs like black pepper, garlic or maple cinnamon.

“Stroll” the bacon labels in our bacon category and we dare you to not find at least one flavor that speaks to you (or to your belly). Taste the difference that time and experience adds to our Bacon and we think you’ll agree that our gourmet bacon delivery is worth the wait.

And remember, it’s not Saturday morning without the smell of bacon cooking!  



  • Baby Bubba's Apple Cinnamon Bacon

    Our sweet and savory Apple Cinnamon Bacon is sugar cured, hickory smoked and coated with our secret Apple Cinnamon rub. Our special blend of brown sugar and apple cinnamon adds an incredible burst of flavor. Our unique, dry-cured bacon eliminates...

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  • Apple Bottom Gene's Plump Rump Herb Bacon

    Are you going to Scarborough Fair? You won't need to gather herbs with this bacon! It's all in here: garlic, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme. Who knew herb bacon could taste this addictive? With its generous coating of hand-rubbed herbs, this bacon will...

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  • Bacon Freak Hickory Smoked 2# slab

    Bacon Freak 2lb. Hickory Smoked Slab Bacon

    Mountain Smokehouse Hickory Smoked traditional cured slab weighs in at 2 lbs.  You're the one who decides just how thick or thin your bacon slices will be. This gourmet, small production slab bacon boasts an intense flavor and the meat is succulent...

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  • Bacon Freak Firecracker Chili Bacon

    Bacon Freak Firecracker Chili Bacon

    BOOM! This dry cured spicy bacon for sale at Bacon Freak will deliver a spicy explosion of flavor in your mouth. It's smoked over real hickory fires, then hand-rubbed with a blend of spices including chili pepper, cumin, garlic and coriander. Our...

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  • Bacon Freak Sun-Dried Tomato front

    Bacon Freak Sun-Dried Tomato Bacon

    If you're looking for something more "out of the box" in the realm of bacon flavors, our Bacon Freak Sun-Dried Tomato bacon is just what you need. The uniquely sweet flavor of fresh sun-dried tomatoes pairs amazingly with our dry-cured Hickory Smoked...

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  • Beer Belly Bacon - Hickory Smoked Beer Flavored Bacon

    We believe that our gourmet bacon is so good, that it deserves to have a beer brewed to taste like it. But since we're terrible beer masters, we decided to make it taste like beer instead. Our slow-smoked, dry-cured bacon is the smokiest and...

    $17.99 $15.99
  • Hog Heaven's BBQ Flavored Bacon

    Bacon and BBQ. What do these two words have in common? The word "delicious," that's what they have in common! Bacon and BBQ go together like peas and carrots, and we feel that they should have the opportunity to always be together. So we decided to...

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  • Orville's Apple Pie Bacon

    "My, oh my, it's Apple Pie!" Apple Pie seems to be the traditional American dessert. And have you ever added bacon into the mix? If you haven't, you absolutely should! The combination of apple, cinnamon, bacon... It's a match made in hog-heaven...

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