Bacon Gift Bundles

We have Bundles of gifts that tickle the taste buds.

Our gift bundles are as diverse as our bacon flavors. Holidays, milestones and just because bacon is so wonderful themes abound. For the hard to please people on your gift list, stop wasting your time and money and buy them something you can be sure that they will use and love! For anyone who loves great bacon, a gift they will love can be found here. T-shirts, totes, coffee, candy, pancakes and syrup, sausage and BACON, salty, succulent, savory scented bacon, are just some of the useful and delicious items you will find in our gift bundles.

Our samplers are a great way to choose your favorite flavor, though believe me, it’s not an easy task! From 4-pack bundles to a monstrous 12-pack bundle, we’re sure to have just the right size bundle for your budget. And please come back often as the bundles vary by season or holiday. If you're looking for bundles of just sausage, we have sausage gift sets as well!

  • Bacon & Sausage 4 Pack Combo

    Bacon & Sausage 4 Pack Combo

    You love the traditional, smoky-hickory flavors of bacon and sausage. But you also have an adventurous side! You enjoy exploring unique flavor profiles. You vacation in obscure locales. You drink pumpkin beer. Okay, maybe you draw the line at pumpkin...

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  • Bacon Freak Bacon Tote

    The only thing better than our Bacon Freak tote, is one loaded with almost 3 pounds of bacon.   You can use the tote long after you've finished off the bacon. This is the perfect choice for sampling some of our favorite flavors. ...

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  • Bacon Freak Dry Cured Bacon Sampler

    Have you ever wondered about the difference between our exceptional dry-cured bacon and the soggy mass produced bacon at your nearest supermarket? With this 3 Pack Dry-cured Bacon Sampler gift, you'll get 3 different gourmet bacons that are...

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  • Bacon Lovers Breakfast Bundle Items

    Bacon Lovers Breakfast Bundle

    This is the perfect gift bundle for the breakfast lover. This breakfast gift box has everything you need for a complete bacony bacolicious meal! Our breakfast bundle includes the following items: Boss Hog's Hickory-Smoked Bacon Boss Hog's Bacon...

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  • Boss Hog Sampler Gift Bundle

    This Gift Box is the perfect choice for sampling some of Boss Hog's favorites. You get 1 pack of our famous Boss Hog Hickory-Smoked Bacon, 1 bag of Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Pancake Mix, 1 jar of Boss Hog's Fully Cooked Bacon Bits, and 1 jar of Boss Hog's...

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  • Makin' Bacon Pancake Bundle

    Makin' Bacon Pancakes Bundle

    Making bacon pancakes is a whole lotta fun and super easy. This Makin' Bacon pancake gift bundle is the ultimate kit for making Smokey, buttery gourmet pancakes and bacon. With a pack of bacon, 2 packs of gourmet maple pancake mix, real bacon bits,...

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  • Mystery Bacon Goodie Box

    Looking for an amazing deal? The Bacon Goodie Mystery Box delivers value along with an awesome stash of bacon goodies! We'll send you $70 worth of assorted bacon products for only $42.95. Examples of items you may receive include an assortment of bacon...

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