The Majestic Pig Cracked Four Pepper Bacon

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The Majestic Pig Cracked Four Pepper Bacon

There's peppered and then there's peppered. And with four different kinds of pepper in this scrumptious bacon brought to you by The Majestic Pig, your cravings will be satiated. One pepper isn't enough for anyone to feel Majestic anyway. At least that's our opinion. Why settle with just one kind of pepper when you can have all four? The Majestic Pig brings you bacon that will spoil you. Cured with black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, and pink pepper; you can have the whole rainbow of different peppers! Now, put your feet up and enjoy this bacon. Just make sure to savor every bite so you can feel majestic too. *16 ounces per package

*Keep refrigerated