Swine And Wine Your Sweetie

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Now, we all have heard of "Wining and Dining" someone. And while we're all about wining and dining, we think swine should be thrown into the mix! Because bacon makes it so much better; why not Swine and Wine your Sweetie? With this magical bundle of feel-good products, you can feed your Valentine bacon, your choice of red or white wine, and bacon dark chocolates. Mmm... You have it covered: Something to drink, delicious bacon to eat, and something sweet for dessert. We know you want to impress that special someone. And putting on the smooth moves doesn't always work on its own. Hey, even Fabio needed help back in the day. Do you think ladies would have been fawning over him if he wasn't holding a tub of margarine? We don't think so. So make sure you're holding bacon and wine when you greet your partner.

This Bundle Includes:

•1 Package of Bacon - 14-16 oz.

•Cabernet or Chardonnay Wine- 750 mL (indicate your choice at checkout)

•Boss Hog Dark or Milk Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips (indicate your choice at checkout)

*All wine orders are shipped UPS ground.  Adult signature required at the time of delivery. Currently We Ship Exclusively to: California

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