Sweet 'n' Savory Bacon Sampler

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Sweet 'n' Savory Bacon Sampler
Who doesn't love a good bacon bundle? Only now there's a bacon bundle that actually loves you back! In fact, the sweet and savory items in this bundle love you so much they won't want to let go. These crunchy, chewy and sticky bacon snacks just can't help but cling between your teeth! So we threw in some bacon toothpicks to help clear any bacon blockages. Enjoy!

This Bundle Includes:

•One Package of Gourmet Bacon (14oz)

•Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Popcorn
•Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffy
•Bacon Flavored Toothpicks (80 count)
*Bacon flavors are subject to change from what is photographed above. This bundle does NOT include a gift box, but you can add one to your order by checking the "Wrap My Gift" option during checkout.