St. Patrick's Morning After Recovery Gift Bundle

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2 packs of bacon, gourmet pancake mix, maple flavored coffee beans, hickory smoked bacon bits, bacon hot sauce, two BBQ Bacon flavored lollipops

It's the day after the St. Patty's revelry, and your head feels like there's a freight train running through it. Lucky for you, it's been medically proven that eating bacon will cure a hangover, and this bundle of bacon goodies will help you recover. Maple Bacon Coffee will wake you up and set your head right. Bacon pancakes will soak up all that green beer in your belly. And the hickory-smoked bacon fryin' in the pan is just what the doctor ordered. Ahhh... Just the smell of bacon cooking will help you get over that hangover... And make you forget about that dance you did around the little person at the pub. (They don't like being called Leprechauns, you know. Even if they are wearing green.) Add some Maple Bacon Pancakes along with some Bacon Hot Sauce and you've got a morning after feast.  Then when you're done with your hangover breakfast, you have BBQ Bacon Lollipops to get you through the rest of the day. And the great part is, there are two, so you can share with that strange person that slept in the bed with you... Oh yeah, you almost forgot about them, didn't you? Lucky for you, there's plenty for two.

This Bundle Includes:

•BBQ Bacon Lollipop 2 pack

•Maple Bacon Coffee

•Bacon Freak Hickory Smoked Bacon

•Baby Bubba Butcher Block Hickory Smoked Peppered Bacon

•Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix

•Boss Hog Bacon Bits

Bacon Hot Sauce

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