Pure Vermont Grade A Amber Maple Syrup

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Pancakes, waffles, and French toast are quite lonely by themselves; they need a companion to get through their morning. Alone, they sit on the plate so grumpy that no one really wants to eat them. No one even wants to go near them. People who do attempt to devour them are confronted by their grumpy defiance of turning into a chalky, dry substance in their mouth. Ugh. Sometimes buttering them up seems to help, but even then that's risky. You would have to use a ridiculous amount of butter just to make them happy. And that's just too much effort! This is when our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup comes to the rescue! It's sweet, light honey-nut flavor will have your Pancakes and Co. soaking up the love and companionship. These breakfast foods love this syrup, and should not be without one another. Rescue your breakfast foods from serious isolation and depression with the Pure Vermont Maple Syrup! Your food will thank you as well as your mouth.

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