Porky Fizz Bacon Bundle

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Porky Fizz Bacon Bundle
The Porky Fizz Bundle is filled with fizzy, fluffy, sizzlin' and crunchy bacon treats for the ultimate porker who's also a sugar addict. Fizzy, bacon-flavored soda is sure to put a smile on your face. And fluffy bacon cotton candy lets you get your sugar fix in. Sizzling Bacon Candy is an explosion of bacon flavor. Sweet & Spicy Bacon Jerky is a portable, porktastic bacon snack you can devour whenever and wherever. Don't forget the Bacon Buttercrunch Toffee!

This Bundle Includes:

•Bacon Soda

•Bacon Cotton Candy

•Sizzling Bacon Candy

•Sweet & Spicy Bacon Jerky

•Buttercrunch Toffee