Piggyhop Bundle

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For bacon fun, this bundle has the right ingredients. Easter candy?  How about a super collection of bacon candy and treasures!  Bacon hard candy, bacon beans, bacon banner, bacon bandages, bacon tape and bacon lip balm. Top it off with a pen, magnet, necklace and pig dust and you've got the mother of all Easter bacon bundles delivered in cool gift box.  These bacon novelties are the essentials to anyone's gag bag. Bacon bandages heal any cut in style, bacon lip balm will have your lips moisturized and bacon happy; and there's even a plush piggy pen and magnet! Sweet!

This Bundle Includes:

•Bacon Banner          •Bacon Lip Balm

•Bacon Bandages      •Bacon Tape

•Bacon Hard Candy   
•Bacon Beans

•Pig Dust                   •Bacon Necklace

•Plush Piggy Pen      •Piggy Bobble Magnet


This bundle includes a Bacon Freak gift box.



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