Mother's Day Gift Bundle

Was: $74.99
Now: $64.99

While everyone else is getting Mom flowers, cards, and chocolates; you could be giving her this bundle of bacony good breakfast food. You know that your Mom loves bacon. After all, she did introduce you to the deliciously good meat candy. If it weren't for her, your mornings would be bleak, tasteless, and filled with constant bowls of wheat cereal. So you should show your appreciation for her being the best Mom ever! Get her this gift bundle and promise to put on your cooking apron for her. Wait... You didn't really expect her to cook all this stuff up for you, did you? C'mon! Make her the best bacon meal ever. We're seriously helping you out, kid. Now both of you can enjoy bacon together. It's the best Mother and Child bonding moment we can think of. Now don't forget to wash your hands first. We know your Mama didn't raise a fool.

This bundle Includes:

•1 package of Dry Cured Maplewood Smoked Bacon (14 oz.)

•1 package of Dry Cured Sun-Dried Tomato Smoked Bacon (14 oz.)

•Bacon Freak's Maple Pancake Mix (12 oz.)

•Maple Bacon Coffee (8 oz.)

•Boss Hog Bacon Flavored Seasoning (2.5 oz.)



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