Meat Parade Lunchbox

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Meat Parade Lunchbox
It goes without saying that we're a big ol' bunch of bacon freaks. But we don't discriminate against other tasty pork treats. Ham, hot dogs, sausages, and pepperoni are all fine by us. And so we heartily approve of the pork party taking place on this lunchbox. On one side, Mr. Bacon himself leads a parade of meat musicians and pepperoni sticks waving bacon flags. On the other side, the parade members happily dive into a meat grinder to the tune of "Bring me your meat-pies! Bring me your sausages!" Everyone's having a good time in this celebration of meat. This lunchbox is perfect for toting your BLT's, bologna sandwiches, pizza slices, pork chops or whatever your meatatarian heart desires.

This lunchbox measures 8" x 6.75"x 4".

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