Makin' Bacon Pancakes Bundle

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Makin' Bacon Pancakes Bundle

Making bacon pancakes is a whole lotta fun and super easy. This Makin' Bacon breakfast pancake gift basket is the ultimate kit for making Smokey, buttery gourmet pancakes and bacon. With a pack of bacon, 2 packs of gourmet pancake mix, real bacon bits, and real maple syrup, you're ready to feast on your favorite breakfast foods. Start off your day on the right hoof, with a big and hearty, pancake-filled breakfast. It'll keep you full and give you all the energy you need to get through the rest of your day. 

This Bundle Includes:
• 1 pack of gourmet bacon (14-16 oz.)
• 2 packages of Maple Pancake Mix (7 oz. ea)
• 2 packs Bacon Bits (2 oz. ea)
• 1 bottle Maple Syrup (8 oz.)
• Bacon Freak Gift Box