Lola's Chipotle Bacon

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Lola's Chipotle Bacon

Some people like it hot & spicy... Their bacon, that is! What did you think we were talking about? Lola brings home the Chipotle bacon to those special few who like to spice up their lives with zesty bacon. This bacon is hickory smoked, dry cured, and coated with succulent, spicy Chipotle seasoning. Perfect for adding delicious, effortless flavor to any dish. Wrap it around some hot dogs for that extra kick. Chop it up and put it in an omelet. Use it as a spicy mustache. Doesn't matter what you do with it, it's delicious all on its own. It comes in a 16 oz. package of pure spicy fun. Get a package today and see what Lola has to offer you!

*Dry-cured bacon, Keep Refrigerated