Let's Get Bacon Freaky Bundle

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Let's Get Bacon Freaky Bundle

Want to win over your Valentine? Tantalize them with the aroma of bacon! Cook up the delicious Cajun bacon and delicious Maple Bacon Pancakes for your special someone. Be sure to dance and wiggle your tail while you're at it. You will have them fawning over your kitchen skills as well as your incredible taste in food. Don't worry, they'll overlook your sub-par dancing because bacon is cooking! They'll be drooling with delight. Afterward, spoil them with some bacon chocolate. Your Valentine's taste buds will be so excited from this delicious spread of flavorful goodness, they're totally going to get bacon freaky! Enjoy the freakiness.

This Bundle Includes:

•Bourbon Street Cajun Bacon 14 oz.

•Bacon Freak Maple Pancake Mix with Bacon Bits

•Vosges Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar (3 oz.)

•Vosges Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar (3 oz.)