Last Breakfast With Mom

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Last Breakfast With Mom

This is the perfect gift bundle for your son or daughter! Mom, Dad what is the last thing you could do for kid before they go off to school? Make them a complete bacony bacolicious breakfast! This gift bundle includes the following items: Boss Hog Style Bacon - Hickory Smoked Brown Sugar Cured: Boss Hog Bacon is sugar cured and hickory smoked. Our dry cured bacon will not shrink like packing house bacon because no water is added or used in the curing process. We use a time-honored secret formula and you can certainly tell the difference in taste. This bacon has sweet and hammy pork flavors. This bacon boasts and intense flavor and the meat is succulent. Finally a new bacon that is bold enough to stand up and say, "Eat me" Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Coffee: Boss Hog's Very own Coffee. Finally a Coffee that is big enough and bad enough to say, "Drink Me!" Fresh Roasted each week for Freshness! Whole Bean. 8 oz bag Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Pancake Mix: Boss Hog has created the perfect breakfast! His Boss Hog hickory smoked bacon and maple chunks are mixed into the batter mixing the sweetness of maple with the smokiness of bacon into the perfect pancake! - Finally a pancake mix that is bold enough to say eat me!