Ham I am Breakfast Bundle

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Ham I am Breakfast Bundle
This is the perfect gift bundle for the breakfast lover. Everything you need to ham it up! This gift bundle includes the following items: Boss Hog's Ham Steak: Boss Hog carefully selects each ham and sugar cures it. Using a time honored formula, each ham is aged for at least 8 months. A difference you can taste in the first bite. We take pride in our "No Short Cuts" approach to curing which produces a unique old fashioned taste, texture and color of a ham that is bold enough to stand up and say, "Eat Me." Each package contains two center steaks weighing 14 ounces to 1 pound. - Cured with brown sugar. Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Coffee: Boss Hog's Very own Coffee. Finally a Coffee that is big enough and bad enough to say, "Drink Me!" Fresh Roasted each week for Freshness! Whole Bean. 8 oz bag Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Pancake Mix: Boss Hog has created the perfect breakfast! His Boss Hog hickory smoked bacon and maple chunks are mixed into the batter mixing the sweetness of maple with the smokiness of bacon into the perfect pancake! - Finally a pancake mix that is bold enough to say eat me!