Grandma Broadbent's Smoked Country Pork Sausage

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Grandma Broadbent's Smoked Country Pork Sausage

Grandma Broadbent's smoked country sausage is a delicious dry cured, smoked and aged sausage.  The sausage arrives packed in a cloth bag (or sack depending where you're from). This old-fashioned traditional packaging allows the Hickory smoke to slowly and gently flavor the Sausage. No Nitrites are added to this pork product. This is uncooked sausage ready to slice into sausage patties in the size of your choice. This excellent breakfast sausage also makes wonderful gravy! Approximately 1 pound of pure pork paradise from a place that knows a little bit about smoked meats, Kentucky, where some say that curing and smoking is an art form. One wonderful bite of this pork pleasure and you will taste the down home flavor with a touch of heat. This pork sausage will not disappoint!