"Good Morning, Bacon" Bundle

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This bundle is perfect for any Saturday morning. Feel like having a lazy day or getting active? Either way, this bundle will help you do it in only the best way bacon can. Wake up in your "Bacon is Meat Candy™" t-shirt, brew up some Maple Bacon Coffee, and get ready to make pancakes and fry up some bacon! Also start a pan of the delicious breakfast sausage patties made with bacon, 'cuz why have only one breakfast meat when you can have two?! Mmm... Who doesn't love the smell of bacon and or sausage cooking in the morning? Can't do without breakfast potatoes (me either), try a shake or two of Bacon Flavored Seasoning on the potatoes and you've just created another breakfast favorite.

This bundle has all you need to make the good morning breakfast you dreamed about last night. And you know you'll have an awesome day after you've spent some quality time with bacon in the morning. So dive into your day with this awesome bundle to get yourself amped up! Even if it is sitting in front of the T.V. all day, bacon will help you do it right.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Two packages of Gourmet Bacon  14 or 16 oz.
  • One Maple Bacon Coffee 8 oz.
  • Bacon Freak Maple Pancake Mix 7 oz.
  • One Bacon is Meat Candy™ T-shirt (Men's style)
  • One package of Boss Hog Country Ham 16 oz.
  • One bottle Boss Hog Bacon Flavored Seasoning 2.5 oz.

 If there are particular varieties you want included, let us know on the order under "Gift Message/Order Comments."


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