"Goblin" Up The Goodies Bacon Gift Bundle

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They've chased you into a building. You've outrun the zombies piling up outside the reinforced door, but you're so tired and hungry! You must stay awake until rescue comes!

Then you realize you have the perfect solution to the problem! Everything you need to survive is right there at your feet. Your "Goblin' Up the Goodies" bundle is stuffed with Maple Bacon Coffee so you can stay awake. Savory Bacon Beans and Milk or Dark Chocolate covered cooked Bacon Strips for energy! As for the Zombies, Let them eat Brains - while you gobble up the goodies!  Don't forget,  you still have 2 delicious Gourmet Bacon packs stowed in your tote to enjoy once the coast is clear.


This Bundle Includes:

Maple Bacon Coffee 8 oz.

VooDoo Swine Blackened Louisiana Bacon 16 oz.

Majestic Pig Cracked 4 Pepper Bacon 16 oz.

Bacon Beans

Milk or Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon 3 oz.

Bacon is Meat Candy Tote - Makes a great Trick & Treat Bag


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