Favorite Four Bacon Sausage Combo

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Favorite Four Bacon Sausage Combo

If you're curious about these tasty looking Big Fork Bacon Sausages, but aren't sure which flavors you want to try, this Favorite Four Bacon Sausage Combo is just for you. These sausages are crammed with as much bacon as possible and are combined with 4 uniquely different flavors. This combo pack comes with our four best-selling Big Fork Bacon Sausage flavors and gives you 16 deliciously smoky sausage links to try. That's 48 oz of awesome bacon flavor! Big Fork Sausages are all-natural, artisan sausages made in Chicago using local ingredients. They are minimally processed and naturally encased and the meat comes from hogs raised outdoors in the Midwest by independent farmers. They contain no preservatives, MSG, nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors.

This bundle contains:
•1 Package Hickory & Applewood Bacon Sausage (12 oz)
•1 Package Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Sausage (12 oz)
•1 Package Aged Cheddar Bacon Sausage (12 oz)
•1 Package Spicy 3 Pepper Bacon Sausage (12 oz)