Chocolate Bacon Soda

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Chocolate Bacon Soda

Plain bacon soda not your thing? Feast your eyes on this Chocolate Bacon Soda! Open up a bottle of Lester Fixin’s Chocolate Bacon soda and let the aroma of yummy chocolate with a hint of smoky bacon overtake you. This highly drinkable soda tastes like milk chocolate combined with the flavor of crispy bacon. It'll make a fun and entertaining gift for any bacon and chocolate fan. Even those who can't imagine eating chocolate-covered bacon strips will drink up every last drop of this delicious soda. It's even vegetarian and vegan friendly for those non-meat eaters. Yeah, we've heard there are people like this in the world.  No one we know, but apparently they exist. Now they can enjoy the chocolate bacon flavor! This sugary sweet soda is made with real cane sugar.

Want to share with your bacon buddies? Order 4 bottlesfor a discounted price of $10.00.

Each bottle contains 12 fl oz.