Boss Hog's Jamaican Jerk Bacon Rub

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Boss Hog knows bacon, which is why only organic, quality spices are put into his bacon rubs. Rub this on uncooked bacon to infuse it with Jamaican Jerk flavor. This secret spice blend is the same one used on our popular "Montego Bay Jamaican Jerk" Bacon. Made with a complex, distinctive blend of dried herbs and spices, this Jamaican Jerk blend has a kick to it! Perfect for fans of classic Jerk flavor and Caribbean cookin', or fans of spiciness who are looking to ramp up the spice level! Use this on bacon, ribs, steaks, chicken, or wherever you want to add true Jamaican Jerk flavor.

Each jar contains 4 oz. of rub. Jar is 5.5" tall including lid, and has a shaker/pour spout.

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