Boss Hog's Garlic Herb Bacon Rub

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Boss Hog Bacon Rubs use the same, secret blend of spices found in our flavored bacons. And only organic, quality spices are put into these bacon rubs. Use this on uncooked bacon to infuse it with awesome flavor! Everyone knows that "bacon is a vegetable," so why not treat it like a vegetable right out of the garden? With garlic, oregano, rosemary and other spices, use this rub instead of to pump up the flavor of not just bacon, but chicken, chops, burgers - even veggies! This spice blend is similar to the one used in our "Apple Bottom Gene's Plump Rump" Bacon.

Each jar contains 4 oz. of rub. Jar is 5.5" tall including lid, and has a shaker/pour spout.