Boss Hog's Bacon Jerky - Western Style

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Boss Hog's Bacon Jerky - Western Style

Our Western Bacon Jerky isn't just for cowboys and cowgirls! This classic BBQ flavor appeals to everyone who loves a robust, peppery jerky. Keep a package of this lean, high protein snack in your messenger bag, gym bag, diaper bag or saddlebag for the next time a bacon snack attack strikes. It's porkalicious! The first company that gave you Bacon Jerky™ is now the first company to offer you two distinctly different versions of Bacon Jerky™! We're talkin' bacon innovation here! We've listened to customer feedback and created a new Bacon Jerky™ that is much different than our other bacon jerky. This bacon jerky is leaner than our regular bacon jerky because the special cooking process eliminates most, but not all, of the fat. Because hey, a bit of crispy fat is still desirable in bacon jerky! We use a lean cut of bacon and cook it longer at a lower temperature to create a bacon jerky that strikes the ideal balance between lean and fat.

Each package contains 2 oz. of delicious Bacon Jerky™.