Boss Hog Sampler Supreme Gift Bundle

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This Gift Bundle is for the person who loves bacon. You get 4 different varieties of our Bacon Freak Bacon (14-16 oz. per pack) along with a rub and seasoning.  Enjoy the scrumptious flavors of Honey BBQ, Chipotle and Apple Pie (along with traditional Hickory) with this thick cut bacon.  These choice bacon flavors include the subtle sweet to the spicy for a range of bacon experiences that can be enjoyed with any meal.  This bundle also includes Boss Hog's BBQ Bacon Rub for grilling up burgers, chicken or anything that could use the smoky, spicy flavors of classic BBQ.  Finally, you'll get Bacon Feak Bacon Flavored Seasoning to make anything taste like bacon! This bundle will make a supreme bacon breakfast feast for the bacon freak on your shopping list.  

Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Bacon

Boss Hog Honey BBQ Bacon

Smokey's Italian Bacon

Bacon Freak Uncured Apple Pie Bacon

Boss Hog BBQ Bacon Rub

Bacon Freak Bacon Flavored Seasoning

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