Boss Hog Country Ham uncooked 1 lb.

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Boss Hog Country Ham is produced by Broadbent's, they know a lot about making hams.  They have more awards for their hams than Carter has pills.

This country ham is dry cured with salt, sugar and dry honey, and Hickory smoked the old-fashioned way. Early settlers first used this dry-cure process on their meats during the colder months of the year.  Once the cure process was completed, their meat would not spoil, even during warm temperatures.  This unique process allows this ham to be shipped unrefrigerated.  Upon arrival we do recommend refrigerating the ham. These come uncooked and will be salty.  Fry these up and top with red-eye gravy (recipe on back) for a country style breakfast feast.

These thick cut country ham steaks are perfect for a hearty man's main entree.  Delicious with any meal, taste the old-fashioned quality.