Big Daddy's Breakfast Bundle

Was: $84.99
Now: $74.99

The Big Daddy in your life deserves the best breakfast he's ever had. So why not get him this bundle? You do know that was a rhetorical question, right?  Because it was really more of a statement than a question. Get your Dad this breakfast bundle. He wants 2 meaty packs of bacon, buttermilk pancake mix and a Big Daddy t-shirt. That's a whole lot of breakfast! And that's a good thing since your Dad deserves every bit of it. And maybe, just maybe he'll let you have some. You are his kid, after all.

This gift bundle includes:

•1 pack Bourbon St. Cajun Bacon (14 oz.) and 1 pack Bacon Freak Hickory Smoked Bacon (16 oz.)

•Boss Hog's Sausage Patties with Bacon (16 oz.)

•Bacon Freak Buttermilk Pancake Mix

•"Big Daddy" T-shirt in your size



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