Behemoth National Bacon Lover's Day Bundle

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Boneyard Italian country bacon, Bacon Freak kitchen sink bacon, Orville's apple pie bacon, Coastal Caliente Sriracha and honey country bacon, Mountain smokehouse bacon sausage patties

Bacon is so special to us that we need to do right by bacon on bacon's special day, National Bacon Lover's Day. We didn't hold back when putting together this bundle. We took some of our most popular bacon flavors and combined them with bacon sausage all in one large bacon box to create the most flavor-packed bacon bundle we've ever put together. This Behemoth National Bacon Lover's Day Bundle includes 5 gourmet goodies that will help you make the perfect National Bacon Lover's Day meal.


This Bundle Includes:

•Smokey Strabler's Italian Flavored Bacon is flavored with a blend of Italian spices, Hickory smoked and dry cured. 14 oz.

•Sriracha Bacon is for our spicy food fans. With a touch of honey sweetness and spicy sriracha, this bacon will blow you away. 16 oz.

•Orville's Apple Pie Bacon is one pound of a delicious apple cinnamon bacon medley! Oink, oink! Add this to pancakes or desserts for a burst of delicious flavor. 16 oz.

•Everything Bacon comes with everything but the kitchen sink. For the fan of everything bagels, this bacon has everything including amazing smoky bacon flavor! 16 oz.

•Mountain Smokehouse Breakfast Sausage with Bacon combines 2 breakfast meats in 1 porkalicious breakfast sausage patty. It's essential for your NBD breakfast! 16 oz.


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