Baconfreak Hickory Smoked Bacon Three-peat

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A special offer on this awesome Hickory smoked bacon. Get ready for thick sliced bacon delivery - this meat is cured and smoked over smoldering hickory wood for hours to create a classic flavor that is bacony good! Yes indeed, "bacony" is an adjective straight out of the bacon dictionary. One bite of this hickory smoked bacon and you'll be coming up with your own clever adjectives to describe this amazing bacon. Unlike grocery store bacon, we never add water to "pork up" the weight, which is why when you cook a pound of Bacon Freak bacon, you get a pound of bacon! Or three pounds with this gourmet bacon delivery special offer!

Regularly priced at $17.99 per pound, our special offer when you order three is $11.99 per pound.

*Keep Refrigerated

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