Bacon Soda

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Bacon Soda

Lester's Fixins Soda brings you the carbonated concoction of the century. It's liquid, carbonated, a little sweet, and tastes like bacon! Forget those fruity sodas. We bring you a meat soda: Bacon Soda! And you're thinking, "That's just pure madness!" But no, it's really not. It's genius. Genius, we tell ya! Pure mad genius! Ah hahaha! Whoa... did we just see a flash of lightning? Odd...

Well, we know some of you have heard of this soda and thought it was a myth. Others have tried the imposter bacon soda. (Imposter because it wasn't made by serious bacon lovers). This soda was cleverly crafted to not only taste like bacon, but to be something you would actually want to drink! (Unlike the other sodas). And if you like the Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops, then you will love this addition to Lester's Fixins Flavored Soda. It's a mad marriage of sugar and bacon! It's a mad marriage of sugar and bacon. Cheers!

Want to share with your bacon buddies? Order 4 bottles of bacon soda for a discounted price of $10.00.

Each bottle contains 12 fl oz.