Bacon Novelties & Gifts

You can find plenty of unique and sometimes offbeat bacon novelties & gifts here at the Bacon Lovers’ Super Store. In this category you will find useful bacon themed items such as coasters and grill presses as well as off-the wall items like bacon toothpaste or body wash, bandages and air fresheners. Rounding out our selection are pig themed magnets, lip balm, playing cards or perhaps a bacon-scented mustache! These are great items to add-on to a gift. Take a trip down this virtual aisle and find some fun bacon gift ideas.

  • Bacon and Egg Erasers

    Looking for a fun novelty gift for a student or teacher? These Bacon and Egg Erasers might just hit the spot. These silly food-shaped rubber erasers are perfect gifts for office workers and students of all ages. They make great stocking stuffers and...

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  • Bacon Balm Lip Moisturizer

    Rubbing bacon on your lips doesn't always work to keep your mouth moist for a lengthy period of time. And usually, you end up eating the piece of bacon afterward. Therefore you don't have anything left over when your lips get dry again. And now you're...

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  • Bacon Bandages

    Getting little scrapes and burns are really a pain in the... You know. And putting bandages over them don't really look that cool. Unless... You have BACON BANDAGES! (Now, imagine a really cool booming voice while you just read that: BACON BANDAGES!)...

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  • Bacon Dental Floss

    Flossing is boring and kind of a pain. But unless you want your teeth to fall out of your head, it's kind of a necessity. So why not make flossing enjoyable by using bacon flavored dental floss? You can pretend you're eating bacon all over again with...

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  • Bacon Earrings

    You know how the saying goes: Wear your heart on your sleeve. And when it comes to bacon, you know it's right there in your heart... Always. But instead of wearing it on your sleeve, how about wearing it on your ears? Is there really any other way...

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  • Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

    Toothpicks. We're pretty sure the life of a toothpick isn't a fun one. Reaching all the way back into people's dirty mouths, just to poke between the teeth... Reaching into those hard to reach places to dig for pieces of chewed up food... Yeah, doesn't...

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  • Bacon Freak Bacon Lip Balm

    If there was a list of World's Greatest Smells, we're pretty sure that bacon would be on the top of that list. The scent of bacon is so tantalizing, we wanted to create a way to keep the delicious scent of bacon in the air, and the amazing flavor of...

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  • Bacon Grill Press & Egg Pancake Ring Set

    Now you can make bacon, eggs, and pancakes all at once! Heavy weight cast iron bacon press is ideal to prevent bacon from curling and shrinking, speed up cooking, and squeeze out fats. The bacon press also keeps the heat in your grilled sandwiches,...

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  • Bacon Knee High Socks

    These unisex bacon knee high socks are the perfect pair for your Crazy Socks party. They're also great for boots! Or hey, if you just really want to show that you love bacon... with red bacon socks! They fit women's US shoe sizes 7-13, men's US shoe...

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