Bacon Novelties & Gifts

You can find plenty of unique and sometimes offbeat bacon novelties & gifts here at the Bacon Lovers’ Super Store. In this category you will find useful bacon themed items such as coasters and grill presses as well as off-the wall items like bacon toothpaste or body wash, bandages and air fresheners. Rounding out our selection are pig themed magnets, lip balm, playing cards or perhaps a bacon-scented mustache! These are great items to add-on to a gift. Take a trip down this virtual aisle and find some fun bacon gift ideas.

  • Bacon Earrings

    You know how the saying goes: Wear your heart on your sleeve. And when it comes to bacon, you know it's right there in your heart... Always. But instead of wearing it on your sleeve, how about wearing it on your ears? Is there really any other way...

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  • Bacon Freak Bacon Lip Balm

    If there was a list of World's Greatest Smells, we're pretty sure that bacon would be on the top of that list. The scent of bacon is so tantalizing, we wanted to create a way to keep the delicious scent of bacon in the air, and the amazing flavor of...

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  • Bacon Grill Press & Egg Pancake Ring Set

    Now you can make bacon, eggs, and pancakes all at once! Heavy weight cast iron bacon press is ideal to prevent bacon from curling and shrinking, speed up cooking, and squeeze out fats. The bacon press also keeps the heat in your grilled sandwiches,...

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  • Bacon Knee High Socks

    These unisex bacon knee high socks are the perfect pair for your Crazy Socks party. They're also great for boots! Or hey, if you just really want to show that you love bacon... with red bacon socks! They fit women's US shoe sizes 7-13, men's US shoe...

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  • Bacon Pennant

    Are you on Team Bacon? This 20" (50.8 cm) felt pennant lets the world know where you stand when it comes to the world's most delicious meat candy. Decorate your dorm room, bedroom, man cave or office with this pennant featuring your favorite meaty...

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  • Bacon Recipes Playing Cards

    You'll have a "full house" of recipes with this standard-sized deck of sizzling playing cards! This set of cards includes 54 different recipes to keep bacon in your thoughts even while playing cards with family and friends. With recipes like Bacon N Egg...

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  • Bacon Scented Mustache

    Feel extra-manly with the bacon-scented mustache! For when you're chopping wood, working on your motorcycle, listening to Johnny Cash, watching football in your man cave, or frying up bacon and you want to feel like an extra-manly man. As much as you...

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  • Bacon Soap

    Have you ever wanted to just get in the shower with a package of bacon and rub it all over your body? No? We're the only ones who feel that way? Oh dear. This is awkward... Moving on... We bring you something much more hygienically acceptable. Bacon...

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