Bacon Hot Sauce

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We, at Bacon Freak, like to pour this bacon flavored hot sauce over everything for that bacony-hot taste. Food is just boring without it. Even the most critical of us who love hot sauce have given it two thumbs up. It's beaten our snobbery and we're not embarrassed to admit it. It's completely unlike all other novelty hot sauces because we can savor that singularly noticeable taste that only bacon possesses. Mmm, bacon. Use it on whatever you want. Burgers, fries, burritos, tacos, sandwiches, fruit, ice cream... It's delicious with everything, we promise. Although, we do not recommend using it as sunscreen. That would be bad. Use it in a Bloody Mary recipe with a strip of bacon for garnish. Enjoy. And please, no need to thank us. We've got your back. Net 5 fl. oz./ 148mL