Bacon & Ham 4 Pack Combo

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Bacon & Ham 4 Pack Combo

We choose 2 of our best packages of Bacon and 2 packages of Ham Slices from our selection of artisan producers and ship them to your door. Perfect for the pork lover who loves ham almost as much as they love bacon! Start the day with a hearty and delicious breakfast.

Our bacon is prepared in small batches, often dry-cured. Classic woods for smoking include maple, hickory and apple woods. Smoky flavor enhances the pork belly taste and adds a classic bacon-y scent. Some of our bacons are hand-rubbed with classic spices, others with unexpected spices, to bring new and exceptional tastes to the bacon experience. 

Our sliced ham is sugar cured. Using a time honored formula, each ham is aged for at least 8 months. A difference you can taste in the first bite. We take pride in our "No Short Cuts" approach to curing which produces a unique old fashioned taste, texture and color.


Each package weighs about a pound (14-16 oz). Flavors may vary from photo. 

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