Bacon Freak Uncured BBQ Bacon

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Introducing the tangy flavor of barbeque to the salty smoky flavor of bacon, who'd a thunk it?  And it's so darn good! Smoky, salty, tangy, uncured, no added nitrate BBQ bacon. Great for recipes when you want to bring in the flavor of BBQ. Awesome on a grilled burger or topping a meatloaf. Yeah, these folks know good meats and how to make them better. Ingredients are pork, salt, sugar, garlic, BBQ seasonings and spices. Oh, yeah, did we mention that no nitrites or nitrates are used in this product? This uncured BBQ bacon is brined with a combination of secret spices and then smoked with slow burning hickory wood. This thick-cut, meaty bacon with its delectable BBQ flavor is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pure bacon nirvana.

Package contains 16 ounces of bacon. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is in the spice mixture.