Bacon Freak Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws

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Bacon Freak Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws in bowl

What do you get when you cross aged cheddar cheese with the smoky flavor of bacon? Bacon Freak's newest snack, Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws!

Don't you hate it when you have a hankering for cheddar cheese and smoky bacon but you're nowhere near a kitchen? Good news for cheese and bacon lovers everywhere! Bacon Freak's Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws can quench that hankering far, far from home.

These tasty little cracker-like tidbits are light and airy and practically melt in your mouth. With just a hint of smoky bacon, the taste of the aged cheddar cheese is distinct with a tasty salty finish.  


net weight 8 ounces

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